Friday, December 16, 2011

Lots of words...none of them mine

A.k.a. "Oh my god! There's only a week until Christmas! I gotta buy presents for people!"

So yeah, been off spending time at the bookstore, ha ha ha. I'm terrible at the whole gift giving thing (not just Christmas --- any conceivable occasion for giving someone something large or small, I suck at it), but over the years I pretty much gave up on it. Now I mostly give people books. My kids: books. My cousin's kids: books (and toys, as they're still very young). Other friends and family: books. I suppose it's a failure of empathy: I know I love to get books myself. Relatives have given me... clothing before. And I just grump in a terribly ungrateful fashion. I imagine some of them do the same upon receiving some random book. Ah well. I mean, I do try to make them age-appropriate, and I don't give people books I don't like, but still. Yeah. Books!

...all right. Books, and weird toys that I found amusing. Cute wind-up toys! Gliders, airplanes, kites, and other flying things! Spinning rail monkeys! Cheap yet effective. The screaming monkey was not so successful. I have hopes for the magnetic cannon this year, but we'll see how it works out when we get the package.

...and yeah, we have too many computers and video games in the house. I think we have more computers than people at this point. Pathetic, eh?, no writing done this week. Gah.

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  1. Hi, I see you got a few friends, from NaNoWriMo, to see and comment on what you blog. So you've encountered the torture^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hjoys of gift-giving, and trying to figure out something original to give that might be appreciated.

    More computers than people? We have twice as many computers as people. And I've had fantasies (so far not working) of resurrecting a decade-and-a-half old computer (pentium-2, a shocking 48MB of RAM).

    Best wishes with writing.