Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Wait wait wait...didn't I just escape?!"

Mr. Tumnus! No! You've poisoned her!

Ok, ok, it wasn't actually Mr. Tumnus after all. It was some random goblin, because random goblins pop up everywhere in this universe. At this point in time, they're supposed to be buying up fantasy weapons for the Queen's R & D department back in Goblinland. (Whoa! Can it be? A link to a story I wrote earlier? And here I was beginning to think that this Shambhala novel was diverging too much from the "established" setting I had made up.)

Actually, it was kind of funny, because first he tried to poison her with the sesame crackers, but she didn't eat any, because her true love had given her some fresh pears before he ran away. Then he tried to poison her with the tea, but she accidentally knocked the cup over when he told her the aforementioned true love had been captured. Yeah. So that's about as romantic as I get. Some women get gifts of jewelry or flowers. Mine just gets Asian pears. Whee! But the Bear is a seer, remember? He KNEW (subconsciously) that the goblin would betray them, and that's why he left her the pears.

Too bad it didn't work, and the goblin poisoned her with smoke instead.

Anyway, I'm getting tired of them getting captured all the time. In fact, I think most of the characters are in captivity at the moment. Any minute now I'll skip to the flashback/ancient history section, and they'll be taken prisoner there/then, too. ARRGH!

And I'm still at -4000 on today's word count. *cries* Takes me forever to get the words out.

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  1. "Anyway I'm tired of them getting captured all the time." LOL! You are smoking on word count now!