Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time to kiss the frog

It's funny what things get into one's novel. Now it's the "Frog Prince" story, with the Bastard Prince playing the part of the princess, and the Blind Frogmaker as the frog. (The Frogmaker retrieved the "golden ball"/terrorists-in-inaccessible-location for him, then was hosted reluctantly/kept prisoner in the royal palace, etc.) In the Grimm version, the princess throws the frog SPLAT! against the wall, but in the popular culture, it seems she kissed him and he turned into a prince. Mine has elements of both. Heh. And the turning into a prince my case, it's more like the frog turns into a prince by possessing his body (hey, he's a demon, that's what they do!)

More generally, we're getting into the last few days of NaNo. So I need to finish this story! For once, I feel that I may actually be close. I've told nearly all the "long ago" sequences. There's just one final captivity-escape-fight-triumph bit for the "now" section. And then...look! Just around the corner! Do I see the magic words, "The End"?! Ha ha!

Also, I've run out of the good Halloween candy. So I must finish soon.

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  1. I have the Grimm fairytales on my TBR shelf...such a huuuge tome. But I look forward to reading it!

    Your NaNo sounds pretty awesome, if wacky. hehe