Saturday, November 12, 2011

Solve a problem, add a problem

And so it goes.

Having Mr. Tumnus poison Nyima and sell her to Prince Senge solved some of my plot difficulties (how to get Nyima into the palace and on site), as it now turns out that Senge wants Nyima to personally execute Chola T'hom, as a sadistic way of saying "in your face!" to his rival. It also pushed Nyima into studying the Blood Attunement Sutra faster, which we'll need later. And explains what happened to Achamo's staff. (Still working on the details. I expect to write out these scenes later this weekend. And I'm wondering if Nyima did let an ancient name slip...the old horror from Ancient Shambhala that may or may not still be accessible.)

The problem is, now Nyima is stuck with an incurable deadly poison (technically, it's a magical parasite called a "Ruin"). Now, Mr. Tumnus (I must stop calling him that) did say "there's a first time for everything", but it's still terribly cheesy if Nyima manages to get cured. I am NOT doing a side trip to a magical biowarfare lab to consult the scientists who created this Ruin! NO NO NO! I utterly refuse. So what, Nyima dies? Bah! Poisons and diseases are incurable...until someone figures out a way to cure them. Happens all the time. The main characters should be able to trade in their drama points to get the cure before they die! I don't want to write a tragic love thing. Enough people die horribly in real life. This is meant to be an upbeat fantasy. (Well, except for the horror-torture-evil and dead-mentor bits. The point is, the main characters survive.)

If Chola T'hom really cares for her, he'll have to find a way to save her! Ha!

Ok, meanwhile, in the long-long-ago fairytale flashback section, the "so they get captured by rebels and Younger Sister is killed" bit now has to be written out. It sounded so simple in the outline, but hashing out the specific details is a pain. Also, it turns out they were doing a census, so I also have to make up random statistics for my ancient fantasyland villages. Gluh.

Yeah. Starting Saturday morning (the second weekend in NaNoWriMo!) at 19K. That's "-5000", as I'm calling it this year. Hope to be at 25K by the end of Sunday. Enough random babble.

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