Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh...yeah. So that's what it was like...

Otherwise known as, "Day 1 of NaNo! Hooray! Hmm, I'll just check my email and log on to the NaNo site." Half an hour later, "Ok, really, I am going to start typing now." Then, an hour later, "Oh god. How am I ever going to make my word count goal!?!!!! That was only 300 words!?!? Never mind. I have to go buy food now." Another hour or two later, "ARGH! I'm behind already?! Chapter. Finish this chapter. Focus on finishing this chapter."

And now, "Ok, while I try to visualize how this fight scene works out (and what is Xie Yiping doing in all this? He can't do superleaps, so he must have found stairs somewhere) I'll just make a post on my stupid useless blog." So I am. And after I do that, I'll go eat a piece from the Halloween candy stash. Then close my eyes for a few minutes while I work out how to have Lady Bloodless seem to be winning, then lose catastrophically, then transition to the interrogation scene. And don't forget that they capture the van, too, and search it. Vans just don't seem to belong in wuxia fiction, but hey. This story is set in the 1990s, I think. 2003 at the latest. Yes, I did have to make up silly fantasy reasons why people use swords and hand-to-hand combat when guns are available, but it's just One of Those Things. Genre convention. And no, I'm not using light sabers. Oh yeah. Also there's a satellite phone involved. A magically-modified satellite phone. This is important, even though it is a divergence from my outline.

Day 1! And I'm already diverging from my own (revised, 2011) outline! The truth is, I don't have a proper outline. I do my stories by imagining them in my head as a movie/TV serial, then run them back and forth until I'm convinced. Then I write down notes about each scene I've "glimpsed". Sometimes (often) the scenes turn out differently by the time I get down to actually writing them. So. What happens next...hmm...

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