Friday, November 25, 2011

Is it plagiarism if it happens in a dream?

By the last week of NaNoWriMo, it's invading my dreams! Yikes! And worse, in my dream I am flirting with a completely different story idea... and I'm copying bits of something I'm reading (in the dream) into my story. When I woke up, I really wished I could have written down the actual words. I mean, in the dream I was thinking "I can't keep that! It doesn't sound at all like anything I'd write!". Yet it was something my subconscious had made up. I could read the words! See them clearly on the page and mark them up with my dream pencil. So now I wonder what I write like when I'm deluded into thinking I'm someone else?

Can I hypnotize myself into writing something that isn't "me" at all? How can I think of words or sentences that I don't think of?

Actually, I'd be happy just to hypnotize myself into finishing my current novel. *mutter mutter* The closest I get is late at night, when I'm really sleepy, but I force myself to get some words in before I go to bed.

So anyway, still behind, at 39K. Must...finish...novel...

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  1. Yeah! Get'er done, mamma! The finish line or bust!