Monday, November 28, 2011

I just meant to take a short nap and... all makes sense now. Dawa is the Blind Frogmaker's granddaughter!

Wait wait wait. What? WHAT? WHAT!!????

(I'm retconning the story as I wrote it in 2010).

It's one of those days. I was struggling to figure out how to make my ending less like this:

and more like this:

All right, that was a bit of a nerd joke.

And ok, I'm slightly more awake and calm now. Yessss.... I will write some words today. Yessss.... later... yessss... I'm currently at 45K. Trust me. She's his granddaughter. He's possessing the body of her half-brother. I just have to get over the newly discovered squick factor of him having had a thing for the demon currently possessing his granddaughter's body. Er. Yeah. Maybe I can smooth it out in the revision. Also still in the air right am I going to have this little fact suddenly be revealed? Huh? Ah well.

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  1. An AhHA! moment. Get that script! I want to see this book in print so I can curl up with hot cocoa and a good Sword and Amulet story!
    (that is the word verification I had to type. It sounds like a good battle cry)