Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3

Starting the day at about 4100 words. I have to finish the chapter today. Probably will end up at around 5-6000 words, which is pretty much what I had planned. When I say "chapter", I mean a mental unit that's convenient for me while planning and writing. Each "chapter" is basically a mini-story, which is why they tend to run long. Once I get around to editing, I'll probably chop them up and rearrange them.

More captivity today. The genre being what it is, it seems the characters spend most of their time either fighting or being held captive. Later I expect to have some "on the run" sections. Not that I'm that fond of writing fight scenes or captivity scenes. It's just what it is. Argh! By the middle of NaNo, I will be wondering what else one could possibly write about. (No, no porn. Not in this story.)

At least the captivity scenes do seem to have relevance to other captivity scenes later. I had to modify the "escape" method used in the later one, when I realized that it wouldn't work (the characters tried it already now and the captors already know about that trick). This may be a good thing, as I think it will make my ending make more sense. (Don't laugh!)

Plan for today: captivity, a rescue and a fight, then a new chapter, which has a magical ritual, a fight, and then ends in captivity (though one person escapes). Why yes, I AM going around in circles. D'oh!

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