Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10, Year 7!

Starting off today at -5000 again. *insert usual whining*

So it's my seventh year of NaNo! Scary. Just think, seven years ago... I would have been typing this with an infant in my lap. Well, no. That was before I decided to have any kind of blog (well, it's more just random personal notes) at all. One kid would have been in preschool, while the other had just started elementary school. Seven years ago, this was my second day of NaNo. I had found out about it from a post someone made on some fan forum (I forget which). I clicked on the link and the I am still. At least I no longer type while simultaneously breast-feeding and eating a snack.

In six years...I got pretty good at writing the first fifty thousand words of a rough draft. Ha ha ha. So so useless. Hence, this year, I am writing the second fifty thousand years of my rough draft.

In six years...I find that the main difference between writing during NaNo and writing at other times is that... I write it, as opposed to thinking about writing it, writing a hundred words and calling it a day, planning to write something, jotting down notes for something I intend to write, telling people about a story idea I want to write, etc. etc. etc. The actual quality (or lack thereof) of the writing isn't noticeably different. The actual time spent butt-in-chair writing isn't that bad. (It's the time spent butt-in-chair-playing-computer-games that kills me.) The only force other than NaNoWriMo which can get me to write this much by myself, this quickly, is a Big Finish "writing opportunity" *laughs hysterically*, and those were short stories/scripts, or I likely wouldn't have finished those, either.

Yes, yes, I do write things outside of NaNo, but it just takes me much much longer to do them. To be fair, I do use time before NaNo to think about my story and characters and hack out an initial plot idea. But to be honest, it doesn't require (for me) more than, say, two weeks. I do a fair amount of all that during the writing process itself. (My first year, when I started late, I actually just continued my work-in-progress, which I had coincidentally started in October. I didn't want to try to think up a brand new idea in 0 days. But I only counted words written after I joined for my official word count!)

And yes, I do need to learn to revise my work more thoroughly. At the moment, I can only manage a short story or novella. I quail in horror when faced with anything long. Well, I'll see in January what I can do.

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