Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crawling, we crawl along...

Taking a break from typing on my novel for a message from the earworms that brought us chapter *mumble* six:

Double, double, this this (fist, fist, palm, palm)
Double, double, that that (fist, fist, back of hand, back of hand)
Double this, double that (fist, palm, fist, back)
Double double this that (fist, fist, palm, back)

(Alternatively, substitute "Bubble" for "Double"). I love these children's rhymes and clapping games. It's a pity I can't fit any into my novel this year, but perhaps I can have a future story with the Goose Sisters, those demonic/ghostly spirits who make use of such things. My younger daughter came home with this clapping game this week and has been making me play it with her whenever she sees me.

And then there's the Sibelius violin concerto, getting me through those wearisome nights when I just want to plop off to bed. It doesn't seem to get the same exposure as, say, the Brahms, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, or Tchaikovsky violin concertos, but it's still pretty damned cool. Admittedly, I'm not too fond of all those violinish cadenzas they have. To me it sounds like a bunch of lonely violins desperately seeking a mate by showing off their super-violinistic screeches and cries, and I'm not an unattached violin, so it all goes over my head. But other than that, I <3 the Sibelius, especially the first and third movements.

Anyway, lots more to do tonight. Urgh. At least one problem I don't have is thinking of what I need to write next. I always have way more stories I'm wanting to write than I have the willpower or skill to set down. So, onwards with the NaNo!


  1. I just realised I haven't check in with your NaNo progress this year at all (that I can recall at least). Sorry about that! I see you hit 25k, well done!! This year I went nuts and opted to write 2 novels during November. Or at least write 50k on each. Neither will be finished by November's end!

  2. Thanks, Trisha. Wow, 2 novels! I can barely keep up with anything. Good for you. :-) Good luck!