Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catch-up time

Not to be confused with ketchup time. I don't even like ketchup. Yick!

So yeah. I'm behind, behinder, behindest. Not that bad, really, but when I could have been done by about now! Bah, humbug. I'm at about 35 K today. I plan to improve that number before I go to bed tonight.

And do I suffer from "fear of finishing"?! That's silly. I've finished short stories, novellas, etc. But finishing a "novel" does make me feel more nervous. Hmm. But I can't until I figure out what happens in the "Now" section of my story. It's not quite making sense in my head yet. I need Nyima and the Bear to head back into town rather than just running off to live out their remaining time in some remote wilderness. Hm. Obviously, Bear must think there's a cure for Nyima back in Kalapa somehow, preferably a cure that involves trying to break into the royal palace, but I'm fuzzy on the details. He knows he shouldn't take her back: she just lopped off Prince Senge's head, for heaven's sake! It's not safe for her in Kalapa!

So yeah. I gotta have all the players in place so I can railroad them into some kind of ending. They're all run by me me me, so there will be no OOC bitching! But now I'm complaining about my own bad plot? GRRRR!

Last week of NaNo, making less sense than ever...

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