Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Argh! Still not done.

Well, I got to the 50K goal (actually, the NaNo validator gave me 500 more than the word count on my computer!), but the story is still not done. I think 1.5 chapters plus the epilogue to go. Blah! I guess I'll finish it next week, before I forget what I was going to write.

So I procrastinated more than ever and ended up having to write 3000 words today. Blew everything else off and just sat down and typed, without any food, water, or bathroom breaks! Took about three hours. But it doesn't get any easier for me. I get tired. And my sentences start coming out...

Like this.


Because that's all I can think of.

Because I can't hold more than a handful of words in my mind at a time.

And it makes me feel I am making progress.

Down the page.

If not in word count.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, this year's NaNo. Um. I stopped before I got to the really Oedipal part with Prince Senge. Well, the revelation of it. He's been doing what he's been doing for like half the book now. And as usual, the "minor" characters take over. Why? I think it's because I tend to "play it safe" with the "main characters". I worry about them. I don't want them to take too many risks. I want them to seem nice so people like them. Bah! It's a pain to continually fight this tendency. I guess I could just write the story, then turn it around afterwards to make someone else the "main character". But then if I ever try to write a sequel, it'll be the same problem all over again!

What did I like? Well, I was happy that all my "long long ago" flashback sequences eventually did tie into current events. Writing out the past helped me figure out the ending.

Right, I'm gonna go eat and go to the bathroom now...


  1. Congrats on your win, even if you're not done with your story, it's still something to celebrate!

    I love the part about writing down the page, I've done that. lol.

    re: wanting your characters to be "nice" - good people, who we care about, can still do "bad" things. I did a post about this last month:

  2. Don't be "argh". No! Congratulations! You did it! Woot Woot!

    (shailegu is my word verification test today - which sounds very congratulatory and happy!)

    I think I should uses all the word verification tests to create a language and write a story based on it. That's next year's Nano.

    Congrats again!

  3. @Danika: Thanks! And you're right about the messy characters! I know that intellectually, but still have to consciously force myself to remember it.

    @Catyork: Thanks! LOL, a word verification language... that's awesome!