Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another day, another prisoner...

Now it's Nyima's turn in the "Argh! I'm trapped in the Matrix!" spinning chair. Mostly wuxia novels seem to do more of the "oh noes! I'm poisoned and dying!" thing, but I haven't had any of that yet for some reason. None of my characters so far are poison specialists, nor do they have their super-duper magic poison/antidote powers working. Hrm. I knew I was missing something. I have people throwing things, using swords, teleporting, seeing the future, flying on clouds (or with their scholar's hats!), using magic folding fans, using telepathy, traveling between worlds, generating random frogs, turning people into frogs and back, using magic tattoos, ghost bombs, etc.

But no cool poisons! Unless you count Senge's perversion of the Blood Attunement Sutra as a type of poison. Which I don't. Oh, there's also the Soul-Ravaging Incense, but you don't have long to use the antidote. I guess that counts as a poison.

Poison! Invent some magical poisons before the month is up! Yes. I will make the next random character someone with a signature poison. [Edited to add: as I can't help thinking that the next random character is Mr. Tumnus, the Narnian faun...um...that's a bit disturbing.]

But never mind all that. I'm way behind. WAHHHH! BEHIIIIND, I tell you. -5000 words or so at the moment. Yeah. Time to get back to writing (words in my novel).

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