Wednesday, November 16, 2011

25K! After a slow weekend, contemplating cheats...

So, here I am starting the morning at 25000 words, also known as "-7000". Ha. I'm now at the point in my story which I originally thought of (last year) as the "halfway point". Does this mean I'll get to 50K this year and STILL not be done with the story? Probably. Oh well. When I look at what I've written, 50000 words feels like it's hardly anything at all. Blah. For a novel, I mean.

Today I am going to "cheat". Not a word count cheat, but an author cheat: I'm planning to withhold information by not including a scene in its "proper" order. Why? The usual. Create a bit of suspense. I'm ambivalent about this kind of thing when I read books. Sometimes I just think it's annoying (when used over and over for many small things throughout a book) and sometimes I HATE it and think it's just UNFAIR (when used for a major plot point and the cut is slipped in where a cut really doesn't fit in with the flow of the narrative.) Megan Whalen Turner, I'm looking at you!!! (Mainly in The Thief, but in part because of that little trick, I dislike the character even in the subsequent novels).

But I think it's all right in one of these cases of "is she really totally under his control now? Oh noes! Oh whew, it was a trick all along!" People kind of expect a trick anyway, and then they can feel happy and relieved when they're proven right.

After that, it's all a muddle which I hope will sort itself out once I get to writing it. Ha ha. If not, I'll skip back to the flashback "ancient Shambhala" section for awhile, because I know what happens there, more or less. So. Onward! (After I go buy food, take shower, blah blah blah.)

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