Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Less than a week to the starting line!

Yargh! A week until NaNoWriMo officially starts. It's going to be evil this year. I'm feeling more blah than ever. And I really need to get it done in the first three weeks or so. I swear, I'll try REALLY HARD to go for 5000 words a day. That's about a chapter a day, what with my fairly long chapters. I now have an outline (it almost makes sense now) for about 11 chapters.

As usual, I'm getting all obsessed with the side characters! Gah! I suppose because everyone turns all boring and stupid once I focus on them and actually write about them. Also, maybe it's because villains are cooler anyway. These two are the other ends of the main love triangle things I have going. I suppose the triangle is more credible if I do flesh out the "other woman"/"other man" enough to give them their own interesting stories.

My whole "way back when/past lives" section is going to be from the view of Lady Bloodless (before she was ever called that). So we'll be looking at Nyima/Bear's past lives from the outside. We can roll our eyes with Lady Bloodless at their lovey-dovey relationship. Or something. And Lady Bloodless will do that whole he-saved-me-I-love-him! thing. In the "now/what-the-heck" section, by symmetry, we'll have Lady Bloodless doing the saving, so then Bear will feel obligated to go with her even if he doesn't actually love her (because she saved Nyima as well!).

So that's the plan. Yes! I have a plan! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My outline even includes the bit where Prince Senge's crazy mother has had her son's corpse mummified and now animates it as a life-size puppet using her evil hair! Ha ha ha ha ha! (Ok, fine, just imagine it as an anime sequence here.)

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