Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The birds know too much...

They sent the hawks to watch me today. "Fear! Feeee-aar!" they say, but I know better than to listen. They know the serpents came to me in a dream last night and suspect the worst:

I now have access to the secret alphabet!

But they are wrong. It's not the alphabet that is secret, it's the punctuation. The parrots can recite from the spellbooks until Doomsday, thinking it's only their pronunciation holding them back. No. Without the correct punctuation, all they have is a big ugly string. The spell will never be an executable.

Ha ha! So turn the trees against me if you like, let the potatoes infiltrate the apples, and let the tomatoes turn traitor, none of that matters anymore.

I have the secret punctuation now.

Remember. The magic is in the punctuation!

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