Thursday, July 14, 2011

Depressingly behind...

In fact, I've hardly started. My word count total right now is a meagre 2000 or so. And I wrote 1000 of them in the last hour.

On the other hand, that just means if I write 5 hrs a day for 10 days, I can get this sucker to 50k! Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, sure.

At least I haven't lost interest in the story or been distracted by other story ideas (so far.) Heh. So, the latest discovery is that the Sweeper is an Asura! I got tired of generic demons yadda yadda yadda. So she is a (vaguely Buddhist style) Asura. Yeah. Except it's about as faithful to tradition as my Sinterklaas is. Which is to say, not at all. Apparently, my Asurans are not human at all. Their mating habits are a bit weird, too. Polygamous like my orcs/goblins were, but in a more civilized way (meaning, they have cities!) The marriages seem to only last for one "season", meaning the eight years or so it takes for the woman to bear a child and raise it to age 7. The marriages are arranged by the woman's father.

Other than that, I think the story still falls under the umbrella multiverse of my "Time's Children" series, with the prophets, etc. etc. The gods are pretty much the same gods. The supposed Christians are a polytheistic version (with the gods taking the place of the saints, and the saints being something else altogether.)

So yeah. Maybe I can write 4000 more words today. Or not...anyway. Must try.

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