Thursday, July 14, 2011

Depressingly behind...

In fact, I've hardly started. My word count total right now is a meagre 2000 or so. And I wrote 1000 of them in the last hour.

On the other hand, that just means if I write 5 hrs a day for 10 days, I can get this sucker to 50k! Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, sure.

At least I haven't lost interest in the story or been distracted by other story ideas (so far.) Heh. So, the latest discovery is that the Sweeper is an Asura! I got tired of generic demons yadda yadda yadda. So she is a (vaguely Buddhist style) Asura. Yeah. Except it's about as faithful to tradition as my Sinterklaas is. Which is to say, not at all. Apparently, my Asurans are not human at all. Their mating habits are a bit weird, too. Polygamous like my orcs/goblins were, but in a more civilized way (meaning, they have cities!) The marriages seem to only last for one "season", meaning the eight years or so it takes for the woman to bear a child and raise it to age 7. The marriages are arranged by the woman's father.

Other than that, I think the story still falls under the umbrella multiverse of my "Time's Children" series, with the prophets, etc. etc. The gods are pretty much the same gods. The supposed Christians are a polytheistic version (with the gods taking the place of the saints, and the saints being something else altogether.)

So yeah. Maybe I can write 4000 more words today. Or not...anyway. Must try.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh. My. God. It's Drosselmeyer!

I love making these "discoveries" as I write. I think I'm gonna ditch the "erotica" aspect of this story, as I'm far more excited by the conspiracy theories than the theoretical s3xx0rs supposedly to take place. So it all makes sense now! The Sweeper's ghostly prophet is Drosselmeyer. He's older than you think. He was allied with Sinterklaas back when they were plotting Jesus's birth. (Jesus is a failed Khristos, as far as they're concerned, but they still put in some propaganda efforts to establish the church, etc. etc. The supposedly resurrected Jesus was actually one of Drosselmeyer's simulacra, but at the time his art was more primitive, and it fell apart after a few days.)

And obviously Drosselmeyer made Santa's magic sleigh and flying reindeer, too! Yes! It all makes sense now! Mwah ha ha ha ha! And later Drosselmeyer and Sinterklaas had a falling out, so now they're enemies.

So I hacked out a few more words. Still ridiculously behind, though.

/Bravo. What are you waiting for, a presidential Medal of Honor? Let's get on with it. One more sweep and we can call it a night./

/I KNOW,/ snarled Jashika. At least the temperature was hovering above the freezing point tonight. Icy roofs made her job that much more difficult. She peered down over the corner where a particle of Infinite Time, washed down with the rain, had seeped into a gargoyle. The grotesque face turned and grinned back at her.

She had left it for last, and this was the result. By the time she traced the intrusion to this rooftop, it had already begun to infect reality.

No matter. She stabbed the broom in its direction and brushed alien time from its head. Stone hands grabbed futilely at the bristles, then froze in place again.

/Hmm. The alignment's off, now. Careless of you./

/No one's going to notice, Dross! So the water flows a centimeter to the left./

/Perhaps you're right. A trivial flaw compared to the ghastly monstrosity of the whole. Now if I had been the architect.../

His voice broke off, as the distant rumble of the train reached them. Jashika nodded towards the sound. /There, see? Thirty minutes to midnight. I finished early./

The ghostly presence in her mind made no response.

/Smug bastard. You know I'm good, you just don't want to admit it./


/No, you listen.../

/Do you hear the bells?/

/Bells!/ Jashika clamped her jaws shut abruptly. She /did/ hear bells. A faint, silvery tinkle.

/It's him./

Who else? She lifted her head to scan the sky, and there he was. A red sleigh, drawn by eight flying reindeer, descending in a wide arc.

/He's coming here!/ she thought, bringing her broom up in instinctive defense.

/Look at that. Still working exquisitely even after all these years. You call me smug? Could you craft such perfection?/

The reindeer were mechanical creations, but in such fine detail that they were nearly indistinguishable from living flesh. The reindeer didn't really fly. They trampled a path through time and space, bending reality under their feet in a leap of faith. They /fell/ freely, eternally, even when standing still.

As they now did, their driver bringing the sleigh around to hover. "Ho ho ho!" he boomed through his expanse of white beard, then turned to stare down at Jashika. "What brings you here, my child?"

"Lord Sinterklaas," she acknowledged grudgingly. "Just doing my job. What brings YOU here?"

"What? Don't you know night it is? Children all over my favorite city lay out their shoes and hang up their stockings, listening for the clatter of tiny hooves and the jingle of tiny bells!"

"Very jolly," grunted Jashika. "But I hardly think there's any children /here/."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh well, it's a start

At least it's 200 more words than I had this morning. It didn't come out the way I had it in my head, but there you go. As openings go, it's not that exciting, but I had to start somewhere. (I may revise it all once I have something to revise. Ha!)

New Babylon was a colder place by night, city lights reflecting from the dour sky while any hint of warmth bled away into the wind.

But day or night, winter or summer, the cathedral rooftop was Jashika's last choice for her perch. If her ghostly shackles had not bound her so tightly to her duty, she would never have come here at all.

Not to the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the rotten heart of the Church of Earthly Desires. Bright specks glinted through pyramid shaped skylights. Jashika's hand tightened on her broom: she knew too well what services were held below. She had peered down through those windows before. The sight had roused an unpleasant feeling in her, disgust mingled with envy at what she could not have.

Shoving the thought to the back of her mind, she scanned the ornate peaks, valleys, and domes of the roof for traces of stray time. Not the ordinary moments of the world's time, but the mutating flurries of Infinite Time that infested the world since the Shattering. She inched across the ledges crossing the roof, one hand out against the slanting side, grimacing at the grimy dampness left over from the day's drizzle. Others could clean the dirt, but only a specialized sweeper could collect droplets of Time.

Evil Santa it is!

Agh! So does scribbling in a notebook count as writing? It seems that story idea got stuck in my head, and while I was sitting around waiting (again) at a doctor's office, it suddenly all made sense.

It's all a plot by Santa Claus! Him and his sidekick Black Peter and his sleigh drawn by the eight tiny reindeer, yes yes! Only I'm going to be calling him "Sinterklaas", because that sounds more steampunk. (What!? Is this supposed to be a steampunk novel? And "sounds more steampunk", my ass.) At any rate, Sinterklass is the secret Hierarch of the Church of Earthly Desire (obviously that's why he goes around handing out toys and money!). He was a saint (in this setting, saints are those who work miracles on behalf of mortals), took part in the Shattering, and became a prophet when that failed (prophets being those who work miracles on behalf of the gods). But he's a double agent! Ha ha! And soon his plan will come to fruition in the Cathedral of the Incarnation, and he will be revealed as a fallen prophet! Mwah ha ha ha ha!

See? It all makes sense! Er...honestly. It does!

So where do my other characters come into it all?

  • The Sweeper Street sweeper or chimney sweep, one of those things. Hermaphroditic demon (though she thinks of herself as a woman) haunted by the ghost of the prophet who bound her to serve the cause of the gods (or some of them, anyway.) She is haz tentacles of teh sexay! Just because they're used as super-long phallic extensions (sex with 15' reach!) doesn't mean girls can't use them! Hrmph! The ghost is suspicious of Santa. So they happen to be at the Cathedral on the critical night.
  • The New Mary Culmination of Santa's secret breeding project. She's supposed to get impregnated by a god and give Santa control of a divine infant. Why? Because who doesn't want to have a divine infant to control? Eh? Eh? (Miracles! More and better miracles! He will save the earth! Be able to make everyone happy! It's his duty as Santa Claus!) Except of course that the Sweeper interferes at the critical moment and kidnaps the Mary. Wacky antics ensue! And lots of sex. Wasn't this supposed to be my attempt at erotica, dammit? Geez I suck at it.
  • The Bishop The dude officially in charge at the Cathedral. It's his head on the chopping board now, so he's gotta get the Mary back, whatever it takes. And restore her virginity in some gruesome ritual or other, probably.
  • The Reverend Mother The woman who raised the Mary. A bit of a cipher at the moment. I'll have to think about this.
  • Santa's army! So, you don't think he handed out all those toys with no strings attached, did you? Hmm? Beware the children!

Ok, yeah, I'm starting a week late. Better get writing...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo...?!

Oh good lord, it's July already! I guess I'm gonna rebel and try to finish my NaNo from last November rather than starting a new novel. Although yesterday morning I did think about writing something else, I banished those thoughts after a few hours, once I was properly awake. I wanted to do one of those supernatural erotica thingies, but then I realized that a) I didn't have any decent ideas for an ending...splattered across the universe as "glue" just didn't seem romantic or sexy enough and b) who else is gonna find my erotic fantasies sexy at all? and c) writing about naughty tentacles just seems silly and d) where does evil Santa Claus fit into all this and e) ok, maybe next year I'll sit down and actually write this story.

So by the time I was waiting in the doctor's office (damn the waiting, they made me wait for over an hour this time!) I was definitely, certainly, thinking about the Shambhalan demon novel. Ha ha ha! I even scribbled down a few notes. Which may end up with me having to retcon the earlier chapters, but there it is.

We'll see how this goes.