Monday, February 28, 2011

Trudging onwards, ever onwards...

No, I lie. Yesterday I deleted 30 words from my novel. Whee. (I'm sure it'll get much worse when I get down to serious editing. That was just a few sentences I couldn't bear to ever look at again, hence the immediate deletion. When I revise, I tend to cut things more than I add them in.)

But today! What about today? Well, it's a start. I finished one scene, started the next. (+700 words!) And so it goes. One scene after another. If I just keep writing, I'll get to the LAST scene. Eventually.

In the next scene: the return of the Blind Frogmaker! In which he thanks Chola (unhappily and grudgingly) for killing Achamo. So there. I didn't just introduce a random demon for a flashback scene to kill him off and never have him appear again. However, I must ask myself, what's with the name? Self? Am I supposed to show him making frogs now? Huh? What the hell is that all about? Why would anyone make frogs? Is he a random frog generator? Why? Why why why? It's all Glen Cook's fault. He had that Toadkiller Dog character and I could never get the name out of my head. Ok, and Richard Dawkins' fault for having a whole book called the "Blind Watchmaker". [ETA: and Patricia Wrede, for introducing me to the term "frogmaker".]

Obviously the Blind Frogmaker is actually a god running experiments with the evolution of "frogs" which are just a type of artificial not. But if he is a demon, one wonders if he had some kind of weird agenda. Maybe he did want to be a god, and all the other demons mocked him for only being able to produce "frogs"? But if you mutate and evolve the frogs enough (one wonders what kind of selection pressures their maker would use on them), frogs can do anything!

Oh, never mind. I'm gonna go eat lunch now.


  1. How long do you want your novel to be in the end?

    Well done on getting more scenes written! :D

    When I finished 2009's NaNo, it was 112k - way too long as it was. My first revision took it up to about 147k. OUCH. Second revision took it down again to maybe 127k. Now I'm down to about 106k.

  2. Me, I just want to get the characters to where I want them to be (and finish this story). I need this one couple to end up together so I can use them in my "main" series of novellas. Heh. I think I prefer to write in "novella" length, with a series of linked "episodes" about 10-20K each. I estimate 80-100K for the current story, but my outline is about nonexistent at this point, so it's hard to tell.

    Wow, your revision added that much? My revisions always seem to make things shorter. I do add a bit here and there, but overall the word count goes down. (Well, I had to do that for the last couple of short stories I wrote, as there was a strict 2500 word limit.)