Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

Gah, I'm tired this morning (I must be having NaNo flashbacks, as it's causing me to post on this blog), as I was up at 3 am (and dragging everyone else out of bed with me) to go outside to view the lunar eclipse. Well, it was a clear night, not even that cold, and it was a cool thing to look at. (Only marred by the neighbors having their outside lights on all night. Bah.) No, the moon didn't look as red as it did in some of the pictures we saw on the internet, but it did look more orange than usual. So there I was in the middle of the night trying to explain the geometry to my daughter. Hrm. I think I was awake, at least. Sometimes they ask me questions when I'm asleep and I answer them out of my dreams, and end up saying the gods only know what.

So yeah. It's been 20 days since my last post, and no, I haven't done any writing on my novel. Ask me again in January. I got sucked up into another time-consuming project which I'm not admitting to. But I should have the bulk of that done before the end of December. After that, yeah yeah yeah, I'm gonna finish the damned story. I'll even make it my New Year's resolution.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby rape, even better the second time around!

...so is that my most perverted-sounding subject line yet?

Sorry to disappoint anyone googling for evil activities involving mammalian infants, but I refer to the young tender version of the Chinese vegetable also known as "yu choi", "yu choy", or "you cai". (This is the same plant people use to get oil from, hence the name, but it's very tasty. I prefer it to most versions of broccoli, eastern or western.)

I had it for lunch yesterday. Mmmm.... On Friday night I had cooked it in a pan with oil, garlic, salt. Yesterday I combined it with the leftover pasta (rotelle in red sauce, in this case a jar of marinara from Trader Joe's, an onion, a couple of tomatoes, and frozen artichoke hearts (also thanks to TJ's!). Maybe it's just me, but I like artichoke hearts in my pasta) and some of what my family calls "the chicken sauce" (i.e. the Huy Fong brand of sriracha). One of my favorite foods in the world!

This has been another pointless post brought to you by the post-NaNo blahs. I've written more words in this post than I wrote in my novel all yesterday.