Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 2, 15K, let's get that to 25K, shall we?

Day 9, and damn, I'm so tired. I have to start doing my daily writing earlier. If I wait until after the kids go to sleep, it means I stay up too late, and as I have to get up at least 30 minutes EARLIER than they do, this isn't really working. Plus, I don't use an alarm clock, which means I tend not to sleep very solidly the hour before I do get up (unless I oversleep). (But I do like being awake before I HAVE to get up and lying there for awhile to gather my thoughts before rushing about doing morning stuff.) Gah. I suppose I should get a working alarm clock. I just hate being woken up by an alarm (though it's better than being woken up by a phone ring).

Still, I'm at 15K this morning, which isn't too bad.

Consider that the first year I did NaNo, I didn't even START until the 9th (because that was when I happened to find out about it) and I still made it to 50K without too much trouble. (When I say "without too much trouble", I mean, not any worse than any other year has been.) Of course, that means I'm not getting any faster at writing. Ha ha ha. I can only hope the quality is improving. Um. Yeah, right.

So today I hope to start....*dramatic drumbeat* Chapter 3! In which we jump back seven years again and figure out what happened with everyone back then. Too many things are fuzzy in my head. The Bastard isn't supposed to be some kind of slacker, damn it. Um. Yeah. Let's write.

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  1. Hey! Congrats on 15K! Your "about me" description sounds like we could be twins separated at birth. Right down to abusing "..."s and failing at gardening. Good luck at Nano -come find me in the writing buddies. I'm catyorkc. Have fun!