Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picking my way through a minefield of flashbacks...

Or at least that's what it feels like. There I am, going along, then BOOM! My characters are sent back in time again for yet another crucial memory. Ah well.

I'm at about 31K. Only got 1000 words done today. I can see I have to do another 10K weekend if I ever want to get to 50K. And I can see it will take more than 50K to finish the novel, too. I have to finish this one, though. I have an extra incentive in that I need these characters to appear in a future story, so I have to find out how it all turned out! (Yeah, I really wish I knew. My outline is full of lies. I knew when I wrote it that I'd need to fix it.)

Ok, things to remember for now:

  • The normal usage of the Blood Attunement Sutra is to attune yourself to a rock or some such, making it impossible for a demon to possess you. You're not supposed to attune yourself to someone else...but a demon is vulnerable because they lack grounding in this reality (lack 'earth essence'). This is the same weakness that makes it possible to summon them. It's a difficult defense developed by the Guru Achamo. Other demon hunters used other forms of defense, but Achamo says her way is the strongest.
  • There's a weak spirit bound in Achamo's staff. It witnessed her last moments. That's why Nyima tossed it into Snake's Cradle Gorge when she decided to cover up for Chola. Later when she gets it back, she will find it also knows the Blood Attunement Sutra. Nyima can't directly learn it, but she can figure out how to counter it. Remember the Prince used it on her as a means of tracing her.

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