Friday, November 12, 2010

Most pathetic excuses yet...

Uh... why am I so behind? Was I super-busy? Did I have the flu? What? No, not really.

It was my dog's birthday!

Then I had to unlock the hidden level in Gemcraft Chapter 0!

Then I had to dig some holes in the yard with my daughter!

Then I had to go buy my own personal leaf-blower! It has steel blades!

Then I had to think about what the deal is with Dawa Gephel and how she is connected to Nyima. It's because Dawa's mother was the last King's Demon-hunter before poor Lord Pema, and she was also the Guru Achamo's student, and Achamo was the King's Demon-hunter before Dawa's mother (Achamo retired when the old king died 50 years ago) and that makes Achamo Dawa's grandmother (sort of). Achamo also has to be the Gandalf and explain blah blah blah Dawa is a half-demon blah blah blah her mother is a murderer blah blah blah to her.

So yeah.

I came down with a case of the "Week Two Blahs" and basically, felt tired and didn't feel like writing. Guess it's gonna have to be a 10K weekend now. Oh well.

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