Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy (American) Thanksgiving!

Whee. At about 41000 words and I don't feel like writing (I know, when do I ever?) but looking at last year's blog, I only got to 40K on about Nov 27, which makes me feel (foolishly, I'm sure) that I have plenty of time left, why rush? Ha. Ok, ok, I'll go write something anyway. I know. Must keep going. The story's only about halfway, I think.

Starting chapter 7 today. Dawa and Yiping are driving around Shambhala in a breadloaf van ("mian bao che"). I dunno. It just seemed more likely than them having one of those big tricycles or an animal cart. Where do they get their fuel? Does Shambhala use vegetable oil in diesel engines? I just can't see big gas pipelines running into a supposedly secret mythical fantasy kingdom. So anyway. Moving on.

They're driving around Shambhala...the remoter villages...when...something...happens. Ugh. Obviously if I'm starting this chapter here, I must intend for something important to happen to them. Or they see something. Or they do something.

When in doubt, add a demon attack. Oh yeah. That was it! Random demon attack number...what are we on now, number three? (Not counting the one on the Guru Achamo.)

Ok. I'm going to spend Thanksgiving thinking about a demon attack. Go me.

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