Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally got to 40K...

You'd think I could come up with a better name for the demon advocacy group than the "Demon Liberation Front", but apparently I can't. So DLF it is for the first draft. I'm going to have to explain all that in the next chapter...not really looking forward to it, since the whole thing is a complete muddle in my mind.

And now in this chapter, I decided that Chola T'hom is looking for them. Now that he's sucked into the evil plot of evilness, I guess he needs whatever help he can find, and the DLF is his best bet right now. How he's going to find them, I don't know. Maybe he can go munch on some dead person. A victim of a DLF attack? That would do it. But how to get there without raising the alarm? Erm. Dunno. Thinking about it.

So yeah. I hope I can figure all this out sometime between now and my next writing session.

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