Sunday, November 28, 2010

The end is in sight?

Well, not really. Yeah, I'm past 46K, but I just finished chapter 7 last night, and I'll be lucky to get to the end of chapter 8 by 50K. There's at least 30K more to go to finish the story (guess I'll be writing in January!) After I reach 50K, I think I'll redo my outline so it bears some resemblance to the actual novel. I need to figure out how to get to the ending so it ends where I need it to end. I have a problem, too, in that I've been alternating "THEN" and "NOW" chapters, and the "THEN" story is about over. (One more to go, maybe.) Am I going to end up adding gratuitous "THEN" chapters? Possibly some historical bit that is only related by theme to the main story. (Theme! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Ok, I want to get it done...even if it is just escapist fluff that fails to capture the complexities of the real world. It's impossible for me to keep everything in my head. Anyway...I estimate I'll reach 50K tomorrow. I could do it today if I really tried, but I probably won't.

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