Saturday, November 13, 2010

20K...5000 more to go today

Or at least that's my plan. Sadly, my novel has degenerated into a bunch of "As you know, Bob" passages where people explain their backgrounds to each other. ARGH! Another damn thing to fix later. Very annoying. Also, I simply don't know enough about the life of a shepherd (Tibetan or otherwise), so that whole section is never going to be convincing. I'm just going to make it as short as I can, and tell it as if it were a fairy tale.

That's chapter 3. I hope to finish it this morning and then move on to Chapter 4 by noon. I don't think chapter 3 goes as far as Tenzin's death. Probably just ends with the baby dying.

Then in chapter 4, Nyima (last seen trapped motionless in a cave-in), magically escapes. Gah! I hate this. Fantasy! People keep developing random new powers to save their butts. In this case, she was always supposed to have the teleport power (come on! One of the reasons I'm writing this is to indulge in my teleportation fetish!), but it's awfully conveeeeeenient here, isn't it? Ok, so she's not that great at it. In fact, she kills the Abbess when she teleports into her body. Nasty. Nyima's only friend in the Abbey witnesses it, then runs screaming her head off (not literally). Cue demon wangst! Anyway, that's my plan for today. We'll see how it goes. In the second half of chapter 4, Nyima and Chola T'hom meet again over a dead body. Those sure are piling up. I think Chola is eating the liver at the time. Livers are good. Mmmm.

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