Monday, October 11, 2010

The Prince's Mother has Evil Hair!

Just a note to myself: the queen was a princess from a sub-kingdom where they had a tradition of magic hair/beards/eyebrows/nose hair/whatever. When the prince was moping after the Woman ran off to marry the human shepherd, the queen berated her son for wasting his time. She spent all that effort to get him a good education, not to play at love. This was the last straw for him: he said he'd show her what he'd learned! He's improved on the Blood Attunement Sutra... except it doesn't work as well as he'd like. When he tries it on his mother, she fights back (the magic hair is loosed!) and it ends badly. Her mind is destroyed.

This is when the Revolutionary sees that she can return. Way back when, her mother had fought the Queen and escaped with one of her (magic!) hairs. Put a spell on it and put it in a cylinder of (something), trying to burn. It glows red hot for years but never burns, even after the Revolutionary's mother dies. But now that the Queen has lost her power, the cylinder has only ash in it. So it's time to plan a trip back to the homeland...

A bit after this is also when the King makes noises about abdicating again (what with his wife in the state she's in and all). The Prince mutters darkly (but needs to refine his powers before he tries to take over.) The King just likes to talk about it, though. He wouldn't really quit.

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