Monday, October 25, 2010

Name the characters, round 2...

...with one week to go before NaNoWriMo starts. Hmm. Let's see, my 6 year old likes to give everyone names. This morning she says I should be "Mrs. Pompygan". All right. Maybe not for this story. I'll put it in my name file. Too bad the name file isn't much use to me as I've already used up the best names in previous stories. It's time for me to add to the list. Wait, isn't that what I've just been saying?

So yeah. Didn't I once use the rat-across-the-keyboard method for naming demons? That's why I called my random name generator "ratnamer", yes? Hey, I still have it on my computer. Let's see...

"Gweczambleblicztagl Wrautchczrterer"? "Eklionaiffish"? "Iohr Letfithschaipluis"!?

What the hell was I thinking? That was the worst random name generator ever (even given that I have the parameters set for long unpronounceables.)

Well, I did come up with a couple of demon nicknames over the weekend. It's a pity they aren't more inspiring, but these are the ones that stuck.

Taker of Eyes: so-called because she was once famous for her mastery of the Eyetaking Stance. What we need to remember is that demons are nearly immortal (meaning they can heal from just about everything), don't react to pain in the same way as humans, and can function even with massive blood loss. This makes the eyes a good target because even if you can heal them eventually, what matters is that you can be blinded right now. Another popular strategy is limb removal. I don't care if you can grow it back: you're going to have a hard time fighting with no arms or legs (the Monty Python Holy Grail sketch comes to mind). Ditto decapitation. Merely breaking a bone (or the neck or spine) doesn't work as well, because a demon can still get around that quickly. It's demon magic!

Fearless of Envy: this is our mini-baddie, the demon king-in-exile. He's there for the first big fight scene with the nuns. Poor fellow. He's there to show how bad demons can be, tell us about the Woman's demonic past, show how demons are seen in Shambhala, and demonstrate the rules governing the powers and limitations of magic in this fantasy world. And then he dies (after breaking the woman's leg/removing it?). His carcass stays around long enough to get a reunion between the Woman and the Prince. Why is the demon king called "Fearless of Envy"?! Because I felt like it!

So there we are. I'll try to figure out more of my outline before next Monday.

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