Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My outline disintegrated...

Bah. I keep thinking of stuff that happened to this that or the other person, but it doesn't fit into the beautiful Plan that I once had for this novel. Oh well. When NaNo rolls around, I'll just be writing whatever scene comes to mind. I can worry about piecing it all together later. Meanwhile, I should be writing all the ideas down, but I'm not. I have this delusion that I can keep it all straight in my head for the next couple of months. Well, it may be possible. I'm not GMing any games any more, so there's that mental space freed up for novel-ing.

Thought of the day: the Bastard wasn't possessed after all. It's the king-his-father who is, but he doesn't know. And then there's his half-sister, the revolutionary/political prisoner. The Bastard suspects that she was responsible for the terrorist attacks, but he doesn't want to know. He doesn't even want to kill her (and can't bring himself to do it personally), but he believes her death is necessary to progress into the modern, demon-free New Shambhala. It's a symbolic thing. He, like all the Shambhalans, must reject the demonic!

Meanwhile, remember that we have demon-hunters, monks (roughly divided into mountain, village, city, and road sects), and spiritualists. And the problem with demons isn't that they can do bad things to people (anyone can do that. Even I could in theory go out and buy a gun and shoot someone) but that they probably WANT to do bad things to people. And they're good at it. And they're just not human. But the distinction blurs between demons and spirits... out in the countryside, people do have their hungry ghosts that they secretly feed babies to. Some of the older ones are worse than the demons. (Ghosts who are independent of the organizations in the outer world!)

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