Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I eat dead people!"

So I decided to delve more into the background of the main characters. The male love interest was still something of a mystery to me, so I thought about it for awhile, and, um, that's what he told me. His demon (nick)name was "the Carrion Bear". He was known for a method of divination called "reading the gnomon of the carnate". (Would it look more impressive if I used more caps? Reading the Gnomon of the Carnate!) So while he does do the warrior demon thing, he gets his edge from knowing more than others. He can eat a corpse and mystically read past/present/future and pick out a path for himself and for his lover, the Taker of Eyes.

Oh yeah. It seems I have a case of "reincarnated lovers" on my hands. It's sad because she used to trust him completely, but now they hardly remember each other. I think he followed her when she was summoned by the Shambhalans. He cast himself into the wind that blows across the void, losing most of his remaining memories in the process. It took him years, decades, to reach Shambhala. And now he is not a student, but a prisoner of the teacher (whose name I forget or didn't decide on yet.) He's an illegal demon, so the sentence is for life (unless he chooses exile).

There we go. That's my story note for the day. Why am I writing this thing again? I suppose because I feel like it! I haven't read this story yet. Why shouldn't it exist? Hmm? And if I like it, maybe someone else will like it, too, someday. Or not. Anyway, I had a dream. Most of my stories have one or two bits that were inspired by a dream.

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