Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I suck at the food pr0n too...

Sometimes I wish I could write the yummy delicious food porn, but then realize that I made my characters vampires, or vegetarians (so much for writing about the scorpions-on-a-stick or adventures in eel-cooking). Gah. But then I realize it would all just come out like this:

Last night's dinner: Some random fish thing


  • fresh trout fillet (one per person)
  • cooking oil
  • olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, ginger, red and black pepper (mix and marinade the fish in it for a few minutes)
  • a bunch of fresh spinach (wash and trim this first)
  • cooking oil, salt, garlic (chop into chunks and put in the oil)
  • bread or rice or something

Heat oil in pan. Add the trout fillets and pour "marinade" over it. Cook on medium heat for 6-7 minutes on each side. Add a bit of water as needed. Heat oil in other pan. Add the spinach. Cook on high heat for about 5 minutes (stirring frequently) until done. Serve with the bread or rice or whatever. Await appreciative reaction.

"Fish! Again!? Ewwww!"

"I hate this supper!"

"Remmie! OFF! No stealing food!"

"Can I have macaroni and cheese?"

* headdesks *

Um. Yeah. Maybe I'll try writing my paranormal erotica/romance again. (But not the one with the sweet cuddly tentacle rape. The whole "Sex with everyone in a 10' radius" area attack is just...words fail me.) So I have this angel/demon thing I wanted to do, but then I keep getting distracted with random thoughts, like, "Ok, so the angels are all naked except for their robes of Light. So what does that look like exactly!?" and "Just how perverted am I for thinking Brigitte Lin is soooo hot in that scene where she's being tortured in that movie that I've watched too many times and how can I rip off that scene so it works in my story?" Well, it's something to do before NaNo. (I'm going to try to write the Shambhala romance during NaNo...which is just over a month away!)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Distraction, thy name is Crawl!

Which is to say, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, a free open-source roguelike. Agh! The free games are the most addictive, and this is a really nice roguelike. Nothing like running around beating ASCII characters into submission (or dying a sudden horrible death as you are surrounded by a herd of killer Y's. Curse those yaks!) Ah yes, youngsters today are coddled, with their fancy graphics and saved games and lack of permadeath... *shakes cane*

Actually, I'm not that hardcore. I use the tiled version, which has little icons to represent the various monsters, items, dungeon features, etc. And the mouse controls are handy, especially as it lets you navigate by clicking on a mini-map that shows the explored part of your current level. Plus I cheat and disable the "player ghosts", so I don't keep getting killed by the ghosts of my previous characters, who always seem so much more effective against ME than they ever were when alive and I was playing them! Confused and poisoned and poisoned again and dead within a few rounds every time... Damn that teleport delay. (This game doesn't teleport you instantly after reading a teleportation scroll, but waits a few rounds, which is often enough to kill you.)

Anyway, I have yet to win (or "Ascend", as they call it). Or even make it into the deeper levels of the dungeon. I had a hard time keeping my spell casters alive, so now I'm trying a Troll Monk (basically, relying on unarmed combat and throwing stuff, as trolls suck slightly less at that than they do at everything else) of Kiku (which is a necromancer's god, so all the necromantic spellbooks he keeps giving me are so much toilet paper, but I like the pizza (troll style --- fresh corpses!) delivery service and protection from torment). This makes a refreshing change from D & D, where we're told players can't play trolls as level 1 starting characters blah blah blah level adjustment blah blah blah racial hit dice blah blah blah unbalanced blah blah blah...

So let's hope I get bored with this game quickly, or I'll never get any writing done again...