Friday, August 6, 2010

The subconscious has spoken. Shambhala it is!

Or at least, snippets of the story keep writing themselves in my head while I walk the dog every morning. More of the background is coming to me, and reasons why X did Y. So yeah. I'll try to finish this one between now and November so I can start something fresh when NaNo rolls around again.

Cliche of the day: the misunderstood dying confession. "I should never...never have taught him..." (dies) Name names, people! Is that too hard for you? *facepalms* Of course, as I don't know what their damn names are, either, it's hardly fair of me to blame the characters! (Once I know their names, I think I'll start on my first draft.

Not just the names of the characters, come to that. I need names for their Super Secret Elite Powers. So far, all I have is the "Blood Tuning Sutra", which is some kind of psychic tick magic. And I know the Shambhalan adepts use mandalas to trap alien spirits into human time to use as energy sources. (The evil bastard half-brother of the prince is trying to get more dams and windmills built, and he'd like a nuclear plant but that's difficult without kidnapping a bunch of foreign engineers...)

P.S. No, coal is not really an option because they exhausted their coal deposits hundreds of years ago, during their "Golem Empire" phase. Remember what I said about golems being energy-hogs back in story 4? Hmm? Hmm? (Though they wouldn't be called "golem" there. Obviously a translation convention.) Same with natural gas. The Shambhalans don't want to rely on imports from the rest of the human world.

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