Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's too easy to buy books nowadays!

Arrrgh!!! Long ago in the dark ages, I used to carry around pieces of paper with my list of books I wanted to find, and once in awhile in a used book store, I'd stumble across one or two and be all happy and excited. Now I get obsessed about some subject or other (telling myself it's RESEARCH for my work-in-progress, RESEARCH, damn it!) and spend a morning and way too much money on and everything (mostly) gets delivered to my doorstep in the next week or so.

ARRRGH! Do I have enough book shelf space for these books? No. Am I going to have enough time/energy to READ all these books? No. Will I ever manage to resell these books? No. (I can't stand to part with books. I might want to read them! Someday!) Did I ever finish reading all the books from my previous obsession/book-buying binge? Hell no! All I've accomplished is to make my kids sad when all these packages start arriving for me and not for them...

But I do look at the pretty pictures and maps. I love pictures and maps. Hrmph.

Ok. That's it. No more ordering anything online until October.

*mumbles guiltily and swears to read something from the previous set*

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