Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another day, another peach crisp!

Ha ha! The box is empty. Finally. Well, it was peach (and blackberry) season in Maryland again, and we could hardly miss out on that, could we? So last weekend I took the kids to our favorite pick-your-own farm. It's weird how the boxes seem so small while we're at the farm, but once we get home they suddenly seem to grow bigger...

Argh! So once the peaches start getting moldy and mushy, I have to do something with them. It's a good thing "crisps" are easy to make and eat. (Gone within hours, usually.) I'm sure the same will happen when apple season rolls around, though the apples do tend to keep better. (But I think we end up picking more of them!)

Mmm... peaches.... so yeah. I'm just killing time until it's done cooking.

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