Sunday, June 6, 2010

Argh! It's June already!

So it's paper fan season again. No, wait, it's time to plant the pumpkin seeds. Maybe. No, it's tick and Lyme disease season. No, it's time for the first round of beans from our cute little plants. No, it's school concerts and shows season. No, it's the girls' birthdays... ARRGH! Whatever. It clearly isn't novel or story writing season for me.

And the stupid deer came into our backyard and ate my tomato plants. Stupid deer! They don't even taste any good! I had hoped the stinky clumps of garlic chives (those things really are weed-like once they're established) would keep the deer away, but no. It's not even as if the tomato plants taste any good. Grrr. So I ended up attempting to transplant some of the volunteers from the happy happy cherry tomato plant I had last year. However, I suck at gardening, so they will probably all die. I suck so much that the tomato plants I started from seed inside were tiny feeble things compared to the ones randomly growing outside. Bah! I didn't even think they'd grow like that outside in our climate. We'll see what happens...

I hate ticks. Did I mention? I've always hated ticks. Big ticks, little ticks, all evil evil evil. I'd try that repellent stuff the vet gives me, but unlike my dog, I do bathe more than once a month. Darn.

On the plus side, the school concerts were surprisingly musical! The teachers are amazing people. We had the 6th grade band, the 6th grade orchestra, then the 7th grade that was the only drawback. So many kids participating that they have to split them up into so many groups that we were there for three hours.

You'd think I could spin a story out of all this. Hmm. I did want to have something involving a music school (probably descended from my "Firebird and Violin" thing which...I don't remember much about). And the invasion of the evil alien plants. But I have yet to get around to writing them.

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