Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Upaya, or, "If you don't have a character for your story..."

...then steal one. I think one of the reasons I'm having trouble writing my "Future History Channel" story is that I don't have a handle on the main characters. Really. All I have are some background notes, but it doesn't really tell me what the person is like. So when I say "steal", I mean "use one of my MUSH characters" (even if the character ends up substantially different than the one I played). It's either that, or use Doctor Who characters (and I'm trying NOT to think about Doctor Who, which is difficult when the new season has just started and I'm loving the new Doctor (Matt Smith) and the stories so far!) or write sequels to my previous stories (which I don't feel like doing at the moment.)

So, it's a question of which MUSH character I'm gonna steal this time... "Yang Xiaofei, I choose you!" Mwah ha ha ha ha! Oh good lord. Is this a good idea, I ask myself? You know what she's like. And she's a CthulhuTech character! Argh! But it's fitting, isn't it? And her background isn't too far off from what I need here. Yeah. I suppose it's workable. Fine. What about her boyfriend? Who am I using for her boyfriend? Hans? Hans the Tree Cultist!? HANS!? Are you serious? No no no. There must be none of this "Gospel of the Tree" insanity in this universe. He's a Good Christian Boy. Weelll...maybe a loony heretical Christian Boy, who was somehow able to slip past the almighty Screening Board with just a few points taken off for wearing a cross. Unfortunately, saying it's Hans doesn't help much. I last played him in 2003 and I can't find any logs. Grrr. And then there's Fei's resentful but dutiful (in her way) older sister and Fei's mother. Hmm. Maybe.

Right. Next, I need an outline. I've decided it's much easier for me to write a story if I have a decent outline (i.e. setting out the scenes, what needs to happen, etc. from beginning to end). The last 3 stories I did went much more smoothly because I knew what I needed to happen in each scene. Of course I deviate from the outline, but it's still a useful guide.

Declared goal: outline by Sunday, first draft of story written by the end of April.

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