Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So much for April...

I decided to work on the next "Salt Gang" story instead of the "Future History Channel" story, but then this morning spent 3 hours uploading a video to youtube and doing English subtitles instead. *facepalm* Well, I should never complain about bad subtitling again! It was actually very difficult for me, trying to be both accurate and concise. (And I didn't entirely succeed.) Vaguely writing-related TV shows (and movies) like this is what inspired me to come up with the Salt Gang Chronicles, a sort of Americanized fantasy hybrid that uses some of the tropes of the wuxia genre.

This clip is from CCTV's 2001 adaptation of "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu" (variously translated as "Smiling, Proud Wanderer", "State of Divinity", "Laughing in the Wind", "Swordsman" (for the movie versions), and "Blood Cold and Proud Hot"). This is from near the end, where Lin Pingzhi (whose family was destroyed way back in the early episodes) finally achieves his revenge! He's a bit "girly" because he's castrated himself in order to learn his family's "Evil-resisting Sword Art".

So yeah. I'll try to have the first draft of my story done by May! I'm having some plot issues. It feels more like a chapter in an ongoing novel than a story in itself, which is what I originally intended for the series. Righto. Off to lunch am I!

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