Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Hell Bank Note iPhone App!?

...the mind boggles. While I was doing "research" (a.k.a. random distracted websurfing) on religious practices for my "Future History Channel" stories, I came across this youtube video. Someone really made such an app!? Apparently so.

I'm still boggling. Well. It's been many years since I burned "Hell Bank Notes" for anyone, but I can almost imagine that in the future, people really would do something like this...especially ones in space stations/spaceships/etc. where they wouldn't let people have real fires! It still seems a bit disrespectful to use something like that seriously, but... people have done stranger things, haven't they?

Ok, it's pretty damn hilarious, yeah.

(This is me, idly pondering world details while not writing the story because there's no immediate deadline looming over me...)

Oh, and happy Easter! (And what alien eggs will the Easter bunny bring to the colonists in their spooky semi-magical world, eh?)

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