Monday, March 22, 2010

Doctor Who hat trick!

Big Finish didn't say no multiple submissions for their latest "Short Trips" thing, so I figured, why not? I already sent in my first story, but there's still a week to go. This would be my third Doctor Who story in a row. It's actually the fourth story idea I'd like to write, but the previous idea wanted to have more than 2500 words, so I just jotted down some notes and skipped it. Well, I can make up Doctor Who story ideas until the cows come home, but the best way to clear them from my mind is to write the damn thing down. That usually kills them!

So this time it's an Eighth Doctor/Charley story, a straightforward adventure. Maybe it's too straightforward and dull. I don't know. What do you want from a DW story anyway? I'm taking a break now after writing the first 500 words. Ugh. Stupid first drafts.

"Saena Prime, a bucolic paradise of villages in perfect harmony with the countryside. A bit too regimented for my taste: they achieve their harmony by regulating things down to every last breath and footprint." The Doctor headed for the TARDIS doors with a willow basket packed with food. "Still, it's the perfect place for a picnic, as long as we keep a low profile. Just smell that air!"

Charley followed him outside and inhaled deeply. "I smell smoke." She quickly found the source, down in the village square. "People with torches. They're about to light... I think it's some kind of bonfire."

"A traditional summer celebration, or some such. All the better. The locals will be distracted." The Doctor was already casting about in the opposite direction for a likely spot in a sunny meadow dotted with boulders.

"There's an old woman tied to that pole. They're going to burn her!"

"They what?" The Doctor spun around. "We have to stop them!"

He dashed back into the TARDIS and re-emerged with what looked like bright orange guns. "Here. Andromedan fire extinguisher. Point the nozzle at the base of the fire and pull this lever."

They hurtled towards the village, the Doctor using one hand to fish an official-looking card out of his pockets as they ran.

"Everyone freeze! Health and safety inspection!" The Doctor flashed the card at the startled crowd, then dove forward and shocked the growing flames into submission with a spray of white foam. Charley followed suit on the other side. "You are in violation of Regulation 7532 governing carbon combustion in open spaces."

"But we have a permit for the fire!"

"Ah, but not for the smoke. I see no record of form 7532-C on file." Then he muttered out of the side of his mouth, "Knife. Left front pocket." The Doctor aimed Charley at the prisoner. "We'll be taking her, of course, as evidence."

"Now just wait a minute..."

"No time!" The Doctor took the freed woman by one arm while Charley supported her on the other side and navigated back through the mob, brandishing his card as a shield. "Quick, Charley, back to the TARDIS."

"...that's a library card!" shouted the closest torch-wielding villager. "Get them!"

The Doctor dropped the card and the woman's arm to fire foam straight at the man's face. "Not today, thank you. Run!"

They barely made it back to the TARDIS ahead of the mob. The Doctor hit the dematerialization switch while the old woman collapsed, coughing and wheezing, into an armchair.