Friday, February 12, 2010

Here we go again...

More snow, more puppy (at least 2-3 more pounds of him, at a guess!), and another writing opportunity from Big Finish. This time it's for a 2500 word short story involving any of Doctors 1-8 and companions, but no old enemies or friends and nothing from the new series. 2500 words is pretty short. Difficult, but I'll do my best to have an actual story in it, because I prefer stories to random little vignettes.

What I have so far: I think it'll be something with the Eighth Doctor, alone, with a flashback to something he did in his previous incarnation. And it will have my Cute Fluffy Puppy...of DEATH! ... IN SPACE!!!. Yeah. And when you're as bad at plotting as I am, the thing to do is to steal a plot. So I'm stealing one from the Volsung Saga. It's obvious that the Doctor and his TARDIS are Fafnir. Isn't it? ISN'T IT!? And so the puppy must be Sigurd. Uh huh. Hey, where are you going? This makes sense. Honestly! But that all falls apart when Fafnir decides he needs to have a chat with Regin. Erm. Yeah.

What I don't have yet...a title! Argh! I need a title! And words that are in the story, as opposed to words written all around the edges of the story describing what I want to be in the story!

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