Friday, January 29, 2010

100th post! Finished draft of script!

Woo hoo! I finished the first draft of the Doctor Who audio script I was writing ("Prisoners of the Forgotten"). Of course, this is days AFTER I got impatient and sent in my pitch to Big Finish, but oh well. Maybe later I'll clean it up and convert it into proper form in a Word document. I also have the feeling it runs too long, but unless Big Finish (against all odds) actually ask me for the script, I won't bother trying to cut it to fit. Foo. Still, I can tell myself, "Self, you did write a story during January. And you did submit it to be 'published'. Good for you, self!" Ha ha ha ha ha! (But does this mean I've written fanfiction!? Nooo! At least it wasn't too fanwanky. I hope.)

So what was it, and how much did I steal? It was a 5th Doctor and Nyssa story, which was fun, actually. I stole bits and pieces from my old files of stories-I-never-got-around-to-writing. It's set in an obscure future human colony, long removed from Earth. Tidbits from the Big Bag o'Cliches: prison planet, plague, possessed crazy people, tunnel runaround, "Guest cast explains the plot to the companion before dying to demonstrate the seriousness of the threat", the self-destruct, the war, bio-warfare, cyborgs, assimilation, the Doctor talks, giant killer worms, the Doctor opens a locked door, out-of-control AIs, We Haz Darkity-Dark Past, and much much more (or not).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello, 2010! Hey, what about the stories you promised?

Yes, well, about that...


We got a new puppy over winter break. Very cute, but as a result, I'm more sleep-deprived than ever, as far as sleeping through the night goes.

Well, that's my excuse. But he's so cute when he attacks the orange bouncy kooshy ball! A Shetland sheepdog, but I doubt any of his ancestors have herded sheep for generations. All he gets is this fuzzy orange ball! Ha ha ha! ZOOM! ZOOM across the yard, ZOOM back, ZOOM past the ball, ZOOM! Then he gives the ball the evil eye and then runs at it again. Then picks it up and tosses it around the yard and chases it, all by himself. I wish I had that much energy!

Anyway. Writing. Yeah. I got sidetracked by Big Finish's announcement that they're taking submissions to pitch a 25 min 5th Doctor/Nyssa audio story. Whee! So, what the hell, I'll give it a shot. I patched together some ideas and cobbled together a synopsis and some scenes. Even if they never want to see the full script, I'd like to get a first draft done. If nothing else, it's practice for the next one I try to write. It's due on Feb 1. About a week left. Hurray for the power of deadlines and incentives! It even got me to learn a bit more about MS Word. And revise.

So, I'll get to the other stories I had planned later. Probably February. Yeah.

So happy 2010! (I can't believe it's 2010 already!)