Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking forward...

...to revising? NOT.

It's been about ten years since I last sent stuff out to be rejected. I should get my act together (and a working printer) and try again. The idea of revising an entire novel makes my head explode, so perhaps I'll go back to writing short stories.

This time, I WILL learn MS Word, and it WILL obey me! Ten years ago, I made the mistake of doing up my stories in Latex, which worked great for setting out a bunch of complicated equations, but not so great for printing out stories in standard submission format. The trauma! Arrgh! I got two stories rejected in rapid succession from one editor, who told me not to right-justify the damn thing (on the first story), and then told me on the second one, "I told you not to right-justify them!" (or words to that effect). *headdesks* Well, he did include a comment on one of the stories, so maybe he did read some of it. Ha ha ha!

The other thing is that these days I don't really have the patience to read big long epic novels. I read children's books (short!) and short story collections and non-fiction mostly (if I'm reading anything at all.) Mysteries are good, too, in not dragging out forever and ever. Also Chinese swords-and-almost-sorcery books, which I read at the rate of ten pages every few months or so. :-P So if I can't even manage to read anything long, I can't expect to be able to write/revise one, either, can I?

So um. The plan. I has a plan? *chokes* I will work on short stories and revise them into submission and then send them out. Starting in January 2010.

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