Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Writing...not so much...

But I did play "Frere Jacques" as a round with flute (my daughter) and slide whistle (me)! Mwah ha ha ha! Also "Hava Nagila" with flute and slide whistle. Um. "Hava Nagila" is tricky on a slide whistle, which doesn't sound that great at the best of times. However, a slide whistle is very portable and I don't have to figure out fingerings. But the half steps are evil.

After the kids go to bed, I should be able to hack out some more words. Another character shoved her way into my story. I thought she'd only be there for one scene, but it's gotten complicated. She's an assassin out to kill the Queen in revenge for the dead dwarves. Name, name...I dunno. Is she "Ellismere Elua"? Does that sound sufficiently dwarvish (compared to "Brack", "Sviar" ("SHVEE-ar"), and "Yuri")? What is the deal with dwarves anyway? Why do I have them in the story at all? Why can't these characters have been human, hmm? I need them to be more alien. Their actions should have an edge of irrationality from the human standpoint.

Oh yeah, and the plot's shifted, too. We're going into the alien planet TONIGHT, rather than later. Terraforming is not going to be as easy as the Queen thinks.

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