Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worst NaNo year yet...

And that includes the first year, when I didn't even JOIN NaNoWriMo until the second week (the day I found out about it!) Gluh. I need to give myself more motivating bribes, maybe. And no slithering around to cheat myself. Yeah. Um. Still don't feel like writing. If I don't fall asleep at 10 pm, I should be able to get something done.

Goal tonight: 10K (I'm at 8600 now).

Must...write...faster...Why can't I do 5K a day? Then I could just be done with the stupid thing sooner. I do want to finish it. Honestly. I just haven't reached that point of "I don't care! Just type something in because you have to finish your daily quota before you sleep!" I need to be using "sleep" to motivate myself.

And I have to break myself of this habit of crashing to a halt after I finish writing a scene or a chapter.

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