Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vampire and elf

The vampire and the elf (well, my vampire and my elf) are both long-lived, potentially immortal creatures, but they approach things very differently. The vampire is all about Plans, about considering the long-term picture. She's not very spontaneous and has trouble adapting to sudden changes in circumstances. Her "visual lag" is just a symptom of the overall problem: what she sees is what was out there 5 seconds ago, 20 seconds ago, a minute ago, etc. depending on how far away she is from where her outsourced visual processors sit. (Of course, she's going to junk her eyes and rely on vampiric bloodsight in the "Nik goes kablooie" story, but it's still relevant for past stories). The elf is all about optimizing for the current situation. Telepaths have a hard time predicting his actions because he has no plans. People can try to manipulate him by manipulating the environment around him, but it's tricky, because he usually sees it differently than you do (there's a chaotic/random element involved). However, one mistake on his part can land him into a hell of a fix. This is why he "went kablooie" after all.

The two of them were paired together, theoretically in order to compensate for each other's weaknesses. We'll see how that worked out...

Not that this has anything to do with my NaNo story. It's from the novel I'm NOT writing right now. I just wanted to jot down a note before I forgot (and my laptop is in another room right now, while this computer happens to be on already.) Naturally, I'm behind already in today's word count, according to my latest writing schedule for this year's NaNo. *mutter mutter*

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