Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, at least to those folks in the U.S. or celebrating American holidays. So! I'm thankful! I'm thankful!

I'll be inclusive this year and be thankful for the universe. It exists! Isn't that awesome? And life. Isn't it amazing that there's such a thing as life? Even if humans go extinct, still, just to think that life I'm grateful.

ObNaNo: I'm writing, I'm writing...slowly. We're just celebrating Thanksgiving at home, no huge family get togethers or anything like that, so I do have plenty of time today. I'm about 1 day behind my theoretical grand plan, which means I'll still have to be writing on the 30th. (Previous years I reached 50K a few days early.) Mostly I'm afraid I'll reach the end of the story before 50K. I should have made more of a plot to start with. The "plot developments" are rather thin. Hmm. Well, I'll know better next time. My daughter finished /her/ project (a manga-style comic this year instead of pure text) today. Yay her! Hrmph. Yesterday I was whining about my plot and she generously started showering me with "plot cards". Index cards with plot twist ideas she wrote on them. Aieee!!! Who ever heard of such a thing? It's a pity I'm too much of an inflexible doofus to use them. (They were perfectly good ideas, after all. Mostly.) *mumble mumble*

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