Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3, and behind. Stupid diary form! I hate it!

Blargh. The biggest problem with this diary format I'm using this year is that when I'm stuck, there's no leaping free to another POV. Last year I rotated between 4 different characters, which made it a lot easier to forge ahead when I blanked out on one of them. Didn't get much done yesterday. Haven't got much done today, though at least I think I can see the scenes I want to write (more than I can say for yesterday).

Diaries are also annoying in that you have to figure out when the character is actually doing the writing. Plus if the character has a tendency to tell things out of order, I still have to keep in mind the actual order of events. And I've never kept a diary myself for more than a few days, so...yeah...why am I torturing myself like this!? Some fudging is required. I'm doing the conversations pretty much verbatim, which the character probably wouldn't really do in a real diary, but I feel that if I just paraphrase everything, it makes it difficult to get into the story.

I'm working on "Day 3" of the novel now, and hope to get "Day 4" (although it might be "day 6" really) tonight. The "Boy Colonist" is still many days away...Meanwhile I'm working on Adurven's counterpart, the Queen's servant, "Caith". (Ha ha! I stole another of my old character's names, but that's about it...this Caith is not that Caith.) Addy despises her, but she's probably wrong to do so. That's the other thing about the first person diary POV: it's harder to get a more objective view of the other characters. Every single thing she writes is biased. With a 3rd person POV, you don't have to color everything so heavily with the POV char's perspective.

So will I change it out of the diary format? Eh...nah...it's still fun to do, and makes a change from my previous stories.


  1. i really like your verbatim diary thingy i have already read it out loud in the voices of the characters. i am 11 and i have written many books most of the diaries but finished none but i coauthored one with my mom.in last years NaNo.sophie

  2. Thanks. Glad you liked it. :) Wow, that's a lot of writing you've done! Good for you. My older daughter is 11, but she's doing a comic book rather than a novel(la) this year.