Monday, November 2, 2009

Dancing to that crazy music!

My day so far: (The kids have no school today)

"I'm booooorrrred!"

"How do you spell 'swimming pool'?"

"I want a Mommy ride! I want a Mommy ride!"

"No, me!"

"First you go like this, then like this, then like this..."

"Ten times! Do it ten times!"

"Hey, no faaairrrr!"

"Mommy, I'm hungry!"

"He hit me!"

"She was chasing me with a stick!"

*slash sshhhhhhhhtkkkkk fzzzzzt!* --- The Retractable Measuring Tape wars

"She was throwing LEGOs at me!"

"No I wasn't! I was playing with them!"

"The internet is so sloooow! Mommy, make our internet faster! Hey, are you downloading something?"

"I don't WANT to get ready to go. Why do I have to go?"

"I'm drawing a building. Look at my building!"

"Kirby has more colors than you do!"

"Do you know what color 'crimson' is?"

"You're wrooong!"

"My turn to push the shopping cart!"

"She hiiit me!"

"Stop squishing her with the shopping cart!"

"Hey! [Sister] is evil, [sister] is evil!"

"Ahhhh! There's ants in the pumpkin! AAAAIIIIEEEE!"

"I want a semicircle!" "Me too!"

"Hey, how come I got mine last? No faaaiiirrrrr!"

"Do you know what crazy music sounds like?"

"That's not crazy music!"


"I'm booooo-ooored. What should I do?"

"I don't want to write a story!"

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