Sunday, November 1, 2009

Argh! It's November...

And now it's about 5 pm. I went to a write-in for a couple of hours, but didn't write very much. The lack of scenes is getting to me. So, here, I'll post the first bit I did, and stare at that until I'm inspired to write the damn story.

Day 1

Hey, book.

You know what I'm supposed to be writing?

Another of Wensel's stupid brainwashing exercises.

"My duty to the Queen and Ark" in five hundred words.

Well, I won't. The Ark isn't my home. Especially now there's no Curse holding us here anymore, not now there's no one to be Cursed. Just me and Wensel. And the Queen. And the Queen's pasty-faced maid servant, if you can count her. Plus the Queen's horde of worshipping refugees, but they definitely don't count. Anyway, I'm leaving the next time we reach a real town, some place big enough to hide from the Queen's toadies. I'm so gone.

That's what I told him. Actually, it was Rhasqu I was talking to. Wensel was just eavesdropping. Horrible old man, sneaking up on me like that. A hundred years older than me, but he's got sharper ears. Unfair, isn't it? It's old people who are supposed to be half-deaf.

But he heard me.

"Ungrateful child!" Next thing I know he's dragging me by the elbow down the stairs. "If the Queen hears you talking like that..."

Yeah. I know, I know. Zap! Right?

I managed to keep that last bit to myself, but I'm sure he knew what I was thinking. He kept on at me like he did, anyway. Another day, another lecture.

Maybe he really is afraid for me. I know I should be grateful that he shields me
from the Queen's wrath and all that, but he's still a horrible old man.

So he marches me into the storage room and makes me pick up a fresh exercise book. "Now go to your room. I want you to think, really think, about your family --- yes, you need to understand that we are a family --- here. No more idle dreams about the past! We're here now. No looking back. Five hundred words by suppertime. Go!"

So here we are, me and you, book. These aren't the five hundred words I'm supposed to be writing. But you're not the book I'm supposed to be writing in, either.

Ha! See, I slipped two blank books off the shelf. Wensel never noticed. Derghu would be proud of me.

So this is what I'll do.

The other book is for the lies they're stuffing in my mouth. This book is for the truth.

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